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We are Johannes Kallinich and Thibault Claeys.

Johannes started his watchmaking career in 2013 after his 3 year education in Glashütte.
Straight after his graduation he started working for A. Lange & Söhne in the „Saxonia“ department.
After 3 years he became head of the „Lange 1“ department.
Seeking new challenges he changed to the chronograph department.
During the education to become a Master Watchmaker, which he succesfully completed in 2021,

he met Thibault.
Thibault had a 3 year education in watchmaking in Antwerp, Belgium.

After his graduation he accepted an offer to work in the „1815“ department at A. Lange & Söhne.

What started as pure friendship turned out to be a wonderful business endeavor after both of us resigned. Thibault, who has a great interest in machines and tools, and Johannes, who already has experience in construction and designing, form a great team full of fresh new ideas.
In July 2022 the first steps were made to make their dream of becoming independent watchmakers

come true.

Every single Kallinich Claeys timepiece is designed, developed and built entirely in-house.

As two young watchmakers, we give German traditional watchmaking a new and refreshing design.
We managed to combine typical Glashütte finishing techniques with a modern and sporty movement architecture.

Our will and perseverance to explore new paths and develop new timepiece variants gives us the flexibility that we want. We create ourselves the freedom to conceive new designs in the highest quality possible.

Because of our flexibility it is possible to stay in close contact with everyone and discuss unique wishes with our clients.

It is important for us to create a connection and share our passion with everyone who has a heart for watchmaking.

As you can probably tell, these are currently renders.
We decided to do this because we are just starting out prototyping, adjusting and producing our parts. Currently we are building 2 prototypes which will hopefully soon travel around the world to showcase our craftmanship.

There will be a limited edition of 8 watches included in the already limited production of 30 watches.

These 8 watches will be called “Founders Edition”, which we developed for you to be a part of our history.
With these 8 watches you will support us in developing our company and make our dream come true of becoming fully independent watchmakers. Instead of a guilloché dial there will be a hand engraved design, along with an extra print on the enamel.

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