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EINSER Central Seconds  "Founders Edition"

What about a Founders Edition? As you can probably tell, these are currently render. We decided to do this because we are just starting out prototyping, adjusting and producing our parts. Currently we are building 2 prototypes which will hopefully soon travel around the world to showcase our craftmanship. There will be a limited edition of 8 watches in the already limited production of 30 watches. These 8 watches will be called “Founders Edition”, which we developed for you to be a part of our history. With these 8 watches you will support us in developing our company and make our dream come true of becoming fully independent watchmakers. Instead of a guilloché dial there will be a hand engraved design, along with an extra print on the enamel. For these 8 watches we ask a prepayment of 100%. By owning a “Founders Edition” you not only show your support to independent watchmaking, you also have a chance of owning one of the very first watches we will produce.


Case Diameter:                                      

Case Height:                                                          

Case Material: 

Lug to Lug:                                               











Limited Edition:




41 mm

11 mm

Stainless Steel

48,5 mm

double AR coated saphire glas


Kaliber KC001.1

Hammered outer ring with minuterie and Roman numerals.

Centre dial is hand engraved and covered with grey transparent "Grand Feu" enamel 

The inner excentric circle is hand engraved with tremblage finishing


Hands finished by hand with polished chamfers and straight graining

8 Pieces

Price on request

For availability, please contact us!

All watches are currently reserved!

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